Clip art lives

It is said that images can capture a person’s attention more than words.

This is especially true in the image-conscious market of today. With all the images being presented to people every day, the perfect image can grab the attention of a potential customer faster than any line.

If selected cleverly, striking clip arts will add flavor to your marketing effort without you shedding some money for it.

Using clip art to do the marketing for you.

Put clip art images in emails. Find an image or design that will support your purpose what you want to communicate. For sure, there will always be one image that can convey your message. Be it humorous, serious, or plain professional.

Something people will remember you by. Being overly pretty is a turn-off in business. So is being too vulgar. A wise idea is to try and change your choices often. This will make you not so predictable. Have an assortment of images ready but be sure they express the same concept.

Use clip art in a presentation. In PowerPoint, there are a variety of pictures, sounds, and video clips to choose from. All these can easily be inserted into slides. Create your own clip art slide show that explains how your company work and other related stuff. You can get the attention of your readers and get them to listen to what you have to say.

Less is actually more. As much as possible, do not use as much clip art as you want. Although they can add some variety, that does not mean that they will be effective. Sometimes over usage will make everything seem busy. When this happens, you will lose your message.

Focus on your message and target customers. Select something that will give highlight your message. It needs to be parallel to the tone and purpose of your message. Make sure the method, palette, and theme of your images are fitting for your wares and branding. Choose your own style and theme and try to stick with it.

Organize your clip art. Each time you choose a new image, mark and then store it in a folder on your hard drive.

When used properly, clip art can help you in promoting your business. They will serve as an alternative source of marketing you would not get anywhere else.

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